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Scott  Robidoux

Scott Robidoux

Financial Advisor

I became interested in the financial world after taking several economic classes in college. It fascinated me how some people made big returns while others lost their money or made very small returns. There had to be something going on behind the scenes.

During my 27 year engineering career I worked with a number of financial advisors. Each told me of their skills and experience and what they were going to do for me. What I found was that most looked out for their best interests and not mine. When I would ask probing questions, they would act insulted or get angry. So, when my wife and I started talking about making a career change I was determined that things could be done differently. Treat others like you want to be treated. You don't need to churn client accounts or continually switch products or companies to make another commission in order to make a living. Those earlier experiences allow me to review others portfolios and trading history to identify whose interests the advisor is looking out for most. I believed if you look out for the client's interests, you will be rewarded nicely.

As a financial advisor, I feel it's important to understand what's important to you and to create a financial plan built around your needs and goals. Working together, we'll review your concerns, prioritize your goals, and create a strategy to help you pursue the outcomes you desire.